Monday, 28 February 2011


Just came across this Dolce and Gabbana collection, which is right up my street!

Elizabeth Lau

Check out Fashion Designer (and friend) Elizabeth Lau wearing the Gold Square Ring beautifully complimented by a Red Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch! Looking good Elizabeth x

Saturday, 26 February 2011


Popped down to Somerset House this afternoon to see some Gemma Lister jewels on the Catwalk! It was great! Went backstage and met Molly the stylist and then went out front and watched the show. It was very exciting and the jewellery looked really good!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Les Bruns

So, here are some photos of my other project Les Bruns! It is a Chalet in Le Biot, nr Morzine that my Husband and I have bought. We picked up the keys and signed on the dotted line on the 7th Feb and it was pretty much non stop since our return two weeks later. It was hard work but very rewarding and a very exciting adventure has now started. Thank you to the rest of our moving in team, which included Rich, who was very handy indeed! and my Mum and Dad and everyone else who has supported and and stored things for us etc etc over the last few months. Muchos appreciated!

Well, that is all for now but watch this space for mre Les Bruns up-dates.

Valentines Press

I was actually away for Valentines this year, so I missed this Metro piece on the Pink and White Stripe Collar! Better late than never.

More on where I was in a mo x